Donna Marshall – Get the War out of Your Heart [Single]

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980x980-A1C7E458-923A-4FEB-A6632B4842FB0694“I told the Lord I wanted to write a song about peace. He replied “you want peace?” “Then Get the War out of Your Heart”


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On February 7, 2015

2 Responses to Donna Marshall – Get the War out of Your Heart [Single]

  1. Robin says:

    This was the first song by Donna Marshall that I listened to. While listening to her music I started crying and it was then I knew this music was anointed. With each song after more of her story unfolded I understood why I was crying, her music was speaking to something broken in me too. This music is not only relevant musically but her unique style and heart makes it important for everyone to get a chance to hear her music. She is singing healing into each heart.

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