Michael Jackson Producer Dorian Holley Working With Donna Marshall

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Donna’s latest release – “Cries Echo” was written to awaken youth to think before making the wrong choices. “Even though forgiven the root of where my children come from is still alive in me”   Donna

“Donna, The video is lovely. The song has become one of my favorites. It is so beautiful and poignant and haunting. The raw emotion in your vocals is beautifully heart-wrenching. Thanks for sharing this with me (and the world).” Love, Shawn Holley “it was long after midnight when I heard the demo for “CRIES ECHO”. my wife and baby were in bed. I was on the couch, on the computer. I put on headphones and listened a couple times. took off the phones, looked over at my eight year old and thought: “what would my life be if i had done away with my daughters, these precious gifts from God, my princesses?” I wiped away tears and prayed: “Lord, please let some frightened, confused young lady hear this song and change her mind. In Jesus’ name…” well done, donna.” Dorian Dorian Holley  “Cries Echo” is a beautifully performed song. Very moving and heartfelt. I love the direction of the video and the story it tells. I know this will speak to many people on a personal level and by the grace of God lives may be changed.

Thanks for sending it to me. with love,

Nayanna Holley

Vic Caroleo Ministries

Donna’s Radio Log for Vic Caroleo Ministries – click here

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On August 9, 2014
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